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25 percent of Hull council jobs to be lost, say Unison Hull

UNISON Hull claimed 25% of the city’s council jobs could be lost after the local authority announced £40 million budget cut today.

The Liberal Democrat run administration admitted that 1,400 jobs would go as part of cuts adding that 1,100 workers had asked for voluntary redundancy.

Launching the budget proposals, the council said: “The proposals show how the council will become a smaller and more efficient organisation, with up to 1,400 less people.”

Council leader, Liberal Democrat Carl Minns, introduced the plan by stressing the budget problems inherited by central Government and said: “In response, the Government is requiring every arm of the public sector to make substantial savings.

“In Hull this will amount to around £40 million (plus redundancy costs) this year.”

But local union representatives have challenged the accuracy of the figures saying that 1 in 4 of the 7,500 work forces faces the axe within the next 18 months.

Unison Hull branch secretary Mike Adamson: “Hull can’t cope with 200 more people out of work, never mind this many,”

Commenting on the union’s response to “ideologically driven” cuts, Mr Adamson said further meetings would be held within the union to “take direction from the members concerned.”

“The broad campaigning by all local trade unions to oppose the cuts is being done under the banner of Hull Against the cuts,” he said.

““All the unions are totally opposed to the cuts agenda.”

“An emergency meeting will be held next week to decide how to coordinate our response.”

“We are already working with the Labour group to try and remove the Lib Dems from council control.

Labour Group Leader Cllr Stephen Brady predicted deep cuts to frontline services, especially social services.
He said the proposals meant residential homes and day centres would be closed.
Mr Brady said: “Hull is in total disarray.
“One in every five council staff to go and they say frontline service won’t be affected. It’s a fairy story. It’s going to deeply affect a place like Hull.”

GMB regional officer Les Dobbs emphasised the important role of the local anti cuts campaign in “coordinating organising strategy between different unions” against the austerity drive.

“We had a hundred strong demonstration so far and more is to come,” he added.

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